Different payment methods in order to play Lucky Hari Hari 4D lottery for real money.
Credit Cards

Visa and MasterCard are the accepted credit cards. Although the casino will register the transaction as a buy, the credit card companies may consider it as an extraction of money and if this is the case may charge for it.

When extracting your account’s money, credit card companies will not allow you to extract a sum that is larger than the sum of your account (in the case that you actually have won money). This is why the difference will be paid to you through a check.

Electronic Accounts

It is a personal payment account to which money is transferred through Visa or Master Card credit cards, or through checks. It is a way of accrediting the accounts quickly, without revealing the history of credits or the credit card’s details. It is useful to avoid a lot of the restrictions that credit cards put to use in internet casinos.

Service that allows sending and receiving money over the internet. It accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. It also accepts electronic transfers of funds from North American banks. It takes 4 days to activate the account for the first time, but after this is done, the transfers are very quick.

The most used method in casinos. Transfer service of funds over the internet. The deposit options are many: credit cards or debit, electronic transfers, bank deposits, among other options.

Useful for global transactions and currencies from various origins. Especially useful for players who live outside the United States.

The deposit methods are varied; Visa, Diners’ Club, bank transfers and direct debit, among others. The service is available in pounds, euros and dollars.

Direct Bank Transfer (house of automatic Clearing –ACH-)

Simple transfer, from the bank to the casino. The information is entered in a form from the casino’s cashiers. No credit cards are needed. We generally work with North American banks and the process may take up to 7 days.

Bank transfer through a telegraph (Wire Transfer)

It is similar to a direct transfer, but in this case a mail or fax is required to be sent to the casino, which then allows them to make the transfer. The online casino makes the petition to the bank and you then authorize the bank to transfer the money. The whole process is a bit longer.

This method is more useful than the electronic accounts mentioned before when the amount of money involved exceed 500 dollars.

Check or money order

The methods are necessarily slow as the checks or money orders must be processed through the casino and liberated by both banks before being able to accredit it to your account.


Central Coin
This method is more recent than the ones before. Few online casinos have adopted it. The lucky hari hari casino is given the number of the account and the pin, maintaining personal information private.

Accepts deposits in electronic transactions, without having to use credit cards, banks or even checks. All you need is a telephone that allows you to make long distance calls. The sum is charged to the telephone account, where the payment must be made. The money is uploaded to a personal account in 900Pay, from which the transfer can be made to live casinos that accept this system.

Bitcoin payment

Bitcoin is a unique payment method that isn’t linked to real money. Bitcoin is electronic money and its own currency. Here are a few examples how you can get Bitcoins:

  • Buy Bitcoins on exchange websites.
  • Buy Bitcoins directly from Bitcoin.
  • You can earn Bitcoins by selling goods or providing services online.
  • You can earn Bitcoins by giving some of your computers memory to Bitcoin mining.

Money Order
Useful for those who do not own a credit card or a bank account.

Deposit Limit

Online casinos with reputation operate with a code of conduct that marks, among other things, the mission of casinos to detect and reduce compulsive gambling habits. One way to accomplish this is to limit player’s deposits, which depends on the deposit method and this must be detailed on the casino’s web site.


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